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Why The Type Of Tire You Use Is So Important

There are three types of tires available in the market. They are known either as types of tires or seasonal tires. The three types of tires are: Summer tires, winter tires and all-season tires. The tires are distinguished based on the tread patterns on them.All-season tires:All-season tires, as the name indicates, are the tires suitable for all seasons. If you have all-season tires installed on your vehicles then you need not change the tires depending on the seasonal change. The tire patterns on the all-se...


Go Crusing Around On Bridgestone Tires And See The World

Gripping the road and balancing your vehicle, tires play the most important role of maintaining correct contact between your vehicle and the road.Misalignment, loss of balance, weak and inappropriate tires and your vehicle may be headed towards danger. So before giving the safety of your life and your car to the tire you choose, you must think twice. The market is full of products that will woo you with promotional material and great testimonials. But are they truly good? Only record can stand by a product'...


How To Save On Fuel Costs By Simply Changing Some Of Your Bad Driving Habits

Of course the most obvious tip to saving on fuel costs is just to not drive at all. Ride a bike, walk, car pool, or if you live in the city take a bus. All of these methods will save you on your gas bill bit for most of us they are also unrealistic so let's look at some more applicable methods and the habits you can change that are a little more practical and will really make a difference.Probably one of the biggest culprits in increased fuel costs is speeding. Studies have shown that every mile per hour ov...


Do You Know What One Of The Highest Selling Automobile Components Is?

So you're one of the people that think automobile sales are the most progressing in sales probably because all of your friends and family have more that one automobile. But you're wrong. For every automobile sold there are four or more of these critical components sold and without these things on your automobile your car would not run or work. In fact if you didn't have these items on an automobile you would not be able to even sell the automobile. Well you want to know what I am talking about don't you? W...


The Automobile Tire Sidewall Code - How To Decipher All The Numbers And Letters

If you want to replace your old tires or buy new tires for your vehicle, one sure shot way of knowing exactly the type of tire your vehicle would need is by deciphering the sidewall code. Let's read each code in details.First up are the markings on tire size. (Example: P195/60R15 87Q)P stands for Passenger. You may find other abbreviations in place of P, for example:LT for Light Truck and T for Temporary/Spare tire.195 stands for the width of the tire in millimeters between the sidewalls.60 stands for the a...


Some Of The Reasons That Alloy Wheels Are So Popular

Alloy wheels are the passion of the car enthusiast. They add a great attraction and beauty to the car. It will have the appearance of both professional and also sporty. American Racing is one of the largest manufacturers of alloy wheels in the globe. It supplies alloy wheels for the entire leading car manufacturer like Ford, BMW, AUDI etc. The common tires are made from steel as a metal. Here it has a combination of metals that are called alloys. They are light weight and increase the steering power and man...


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